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The Livestock Farm Complex provides facilities for practical training in care and management of livestock and poultry, management of dairy and meat animals. Practical training at Livestock Farm Complex is organized in small groups of students so that a teacher can give personal attention to each student with a view to improve his or her skill and competence in handling of the farm animals.

The Department has following sanctioned strength of Faculty:

Professor - 1

Associate Professor – 1

Assistant Professors – 6          

Assistant Farm Managers - 2


Aim of Livestock farm practices is actual involvement of students in all aspects of animal rearing so that they can rear animals on their own. Hands on training of the students on the overall farm practices of livestock management including cleaning, feeding, watering, grooming, milking, routine health care, record keeping, sanitation, housing, fodder production, preparation of mineral mixture, cost economic of fodder production. Care of pregnant animals, management of parturition, care of neonatal and young stock. Management of broiler, layer farm and hatchery. One full day per week comprising of six contact hours will be kept entirely for LFP where the students should be divided into small batches on rotational basis wherein they should be actually involved in different activities such as milking, feeding etc.  The practical component will be dealt with internally. The examination for LFC shall be conducted twice a year i.e. first practical exam after completion of 50% syllabus and the second one, when the course is completed but the second exam shall comprise of entire syllabus. Annual professional examination shall be held after the completion of 100% course content in each subject. The examination should comprise of following components:
(i) Day to day activities
(ii) Record Book
(iii) Written Objective Questions
(iv) Viva Any other suitable component as per conditions

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