I am delighted to extend the student community a personal welcome to the life at Arawali Veterinary College.

It is natural to be excited or even nervous about leaving home to study somewhere different but at AVC, you will enjoy an outstanding learning environment designed to equip you with all skills essential for a career as a veterinarian. This will allow you to make a significant contribution to animal health and welfare. The veterinary field is developing rapidly. This college has rejuvenated its veterinary curriculum using the latest teaching innovations. The dedicated faculty helps the students to acquire the expertise and knowledge as well as the competence and confidence to work in the chosen field anywhere in the country and world. Moreover, you will be exposed to the thrill of Veterinary Science and be equipped for a life of continuous learning and career development.

Our B.V.Sc & A.H. degree builds on a caring vocation and delivers the skills and professionalism essential to maintain the well-being of animal patients and their owners. Alongside the AVC’s excellent academic provisions, you will also be able to enjoy many activities organised by our college from time to time.

A degree from AVC represents a hard work dedication and will identify you as a professional with highest standards. You will also be a part of the larger AVC family and a member of a close community that is dedicated for promoting animal health and welfare.

Looking forward to help you achieve your career aspirations, I wish you a great life at AVC.

Dr. Jhamman Singh Arya

B.Sc., B.V.Sc. & A.H.,PhD.